We provide electronic payment Options to our customers. These payment methods help in reducing paperwork, transaction costs, and labor cost.

All Pills are delivered once your payment is confirmed – These pills are FDA approved and always packed with cross verifying their expiry date and Batch number. These days scammers are active as the abortion demand suddenly increased due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our website buymtpkits.com provides various payment methods such as:

  1. Direct Bank Transfer
  2. Remitly.com
  3. Wise.com
  4. Western Union / Money Gram /Ria /Transfast/ Money Express
  5. Bitcoins
  6. Skrill
  7. Apple Pay
  8. Venmo
  9. CashApp & Zelle Pay
  10. Credit or Debit cards
  11. PayPal


The Wise multi-currency account. A cheaper, faster way to send & Receive money abroad.

For More Information on how to transfer money online’ Follow the instruction guide Read Me

Benefits of Wise

  1. 10 % Discount on all products
  2. No paperwork is required.
  3. It saves time.
  4. No need to go post office & Bank.
  5. Prevent from making fraud payments.
  6. Provide complete transaction details.
  7. Highly secured.

Western Union / MoneyGram / Ria / Transfast / Money Express

This facility is available only for all customers of the world. Western Union is a financial or economic company situated in Canada/US/Europe/UK  and rest of the world.


PayPal/PayUMoney is the faster, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. We’ll send you a Payment Link or PayPal ID you can directly send money to a given PayPal Account.

Bank Transfer

We’ll provide your Bank Account Number, SWIFT CODE, IFSC Code, and Bank Name for processing this Bank Transfer.

Confirmation: when the transaction is done; our clients will automatically be notified. They can check all details in their account.

If you are looking for Purchase Medicine Online Reputed FDA Approved Drug Store USA, contact one of our executives at or drop your inquiry on info@buymtpkits.com